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11/18/06 The Borgata (Atlantic City)
Artist played for:

Mario Cantone

8/29/06 Hurricane Katrina Benefit in New Orleans
Artist played for:

Stevie Wonder
Kim Burrell
Yolanda Adams
Mary Mary
Kirk Franklin

4/20/06 to 8/9/06 Toshi Kubota Japan tour

4/8/06 C.B.S. EarlyShow

Artist played for:

Pheobe Snow

3/15/06 Katie Couric and The Entertainment Industry Foundation Presented, Hollywood Meets Motown

Artist played for:

Chaka Khan
Martina McBride
Elvis Costello
James Taylor
Michael McDonald
John Legend
Chris Botti
Mary J. Blige
The Muppets
Bacon Brothers
Idina Menzel
Big & Rich
Ashford and Simpson
Vanessa Williams
Jordan Rudess
Steve Tyrell
Jimmy Fallon
Tina Fey
Whoopi Goldberg
Smokey Robinson

My Passion

Drum in Soweto Market
Turks and Caicos sunset
I love being on stage and having the time of my life. Working with great musicians and great people. Playing inside the groove. Teaching. Learning. Growing. My family. Making jokes all of the time. My camera. My pots and pans. Achieving my goals. My dreams. Helping people. Driving. Living with passion every single day!!!!