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2011 to Present

2018 started out with a bang! Grammy After Party, masterclasses and gigs with my band in Europe, Ralph Rolle and the FUNK Patrol gigs in Europe, masterclasses in Japan, Lionel Richie tour with Chic in Australia, Coachella and We Are Family Foundation playing for Roger Daltrey, LL Cool J and Chic.

Thank you, Gary Haase, for calling me. The first gig of 2017 was with the guitar legends Larry Carlton and John Pizzarelli Jr. at Funky Joe’s in New York. Three amazing days of some amazing guitar artistry.

January, 2016 started out quite amazing with a call from super producer Salaam Remi. He recommended me for an incredible job with an incredible executive, Chairman and CEO, Mr. L.A. Reid. I now work with him and cannot tell you how wonderful of a time that I am having. I also was fortunate enough to get called by Nile Rodgers to play the 58th Annual Grammy Awards 2016 special tribute to David Bowie with Lady Gaga, Nile Rodgers, Rafeal Saadiq, Russell Graham and a killer horn and string section. In early August, I started to perform my drum clinics in Japan. In September, I was the featured celebrity baker/drummer at Electric Picnic’s, Theater of Food. I met Tim Burgess of the Charlatans. He owns his own coffee company called Tim Peaks. My company, The Soul Snacks Cookie Company, has been invited to sell cookies and participate in all of the independent music festivals that Tim Peaks Coffee will be sold. Tim invited me to Carif, Wales, to speak and to give away Soul Snacks Cookies at The Festival Congress where all of the U.K. independent festival organizers attended. We were invited to attend all of the festivals. Thanks Tim and his manager Nick Fraser.

The past few years have been so exciting. I have been so fortunate.

I’ve been touring the world with one of the greatest and most legendary groups of all time

(Nile Rodgers and Chic).

I produced a dance project in Japan


I was the band leader on a 5 month tour with one the nicest and talented people I’ve ever worked for and have toured with for 23 years.

(Mr. Toshi Kubota).

I was fortunate enough to open my cookie store in Ginza. I opened my cookie factory in the Bronx

(A major dream).

With the cookie business growing and the music business treating me kindly, the next few years, I plan on paying off all of my debts, my taxes and my investors, working in my community, record my CD and starting a Drum Corps.

I now teach drums for Ithaca College.



bonding  present participle of bond (Verb)


  1. 1.Join or be joined securely to something else, typically by means of an adhesive, heat, or pressure.

  2. 2.Establish a relationship with someone based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences.

Tim Burgess

Drum Circle

Professor Shinya Fujii

Keio University